This is something I do in my freetime. And this was supposed to be a little nutshell video to explain what was going on.

So I started collecting images because I felt like sites that support feature-less images are dying out. Tumblr is the best example of this; the ad companies didn’t want Tumblr to have nudity on their website. So Tumblr changed their rules to not have any nudity, making loads of websites on their platform violated the rules, and if they didn’t change their website would’ve been deleted.

When this happened, I felt like we were moving in one direction as a digital society. To browse the content from the Internet, you simply go back and forth to and from the same three websites. Facebook, Google and Instagram. They all have their TOS, so any data that doesn’t fit their rules is now going to die out. So i started collection the most abscure and maybe forgetting images.

you can also go to and try it out yourself kinda… It’s still being developed by me. And while I know some JavaScript. This is pretty tricky.