Back in 2018 I got hired by the people of the Jimmy Woo to help relaunch the club and shake of the dust and bad image it had acquired over the years. They reached out and asked if I could come up with some ideas that would put Jimmy Woo back on the (social media) map.

The problem here was that Jimmy Woo was lost in all the confusion of events and no longer had a true identity.

I came in and tried to use some existing elements to make a whole new thing that would stand on its own, but still be able to bend with its own nature to accommodate third-party activities.

This proved to be a major challenge to come up with a new concept, but also to come up with fresh and exciting weekly/montly updates on what was going on in the Jimmy Woo.

We also extended the style to try to
persuade more people to purchase full ‘tables’ so to speak, and the style I had set up for it fit nicely for all these items.